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International College


         Asia University (AU) aims to become a prestigious international university. In response to recent trends in the globalization of higher education, AU started recruiting international and cross-strait students in 2004. As of August 2014, AU had admitted more than 200 international and cross-strait students from countries such as Indonesia, Mongolia, India, St. Lucia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, Russia, Bolivia, Peru, Estonia, and the United States besides Mainland China. In order to better serve and care for its growing number of such students, AU established this college in August, 2010, aiming to provide a friendly living and learning environment and to better integrate in-campus teaching and research resources for our international students.



Prof. Yinghuei Chen, Ph. D.


(04)2332-3456 ext. 6296



1st Floor, Administration Building


 · Center for Creative Leadership    · Center for International Academic Exchange

 · Joint Chinese Language Center    · Center for the Development of Language Teaching and Research

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